How the Firearms Industry Markets Guns to Asian Americans

A Marketing Means to a Political End

As noted in the beginning of this report, the hoped-for goals of the firearms industry and gun lobby are not only financial, but also political. In a July 2020 article published on its website, NSSF chief Larry Keane tied the organization’s marketing activities to its battle against gun violence prevention efforts, promising that “increasingly more voices of a diverse American gun owner are responding. The impacts will be significant on the future of Second Amendment rights in America.”28

Illustration from the NRA article “New Gun Owners and the Election”

These assertions were echoed by the NRA in October 2020 in an article titled “New Gun Owners and the Election” that appeared in the organization’s America’s 1st Freedom magazine. Promising that “no, not of all them look the same” and that it was no longer the case that “gun ownership is merely the preserve of white men,” the article argued that “many of those new gun owners have a practical stake in the preservation of the Second Amendment, and in the prevention of draconian gun-control laws that attempt to criminalize their peaceful behavior and make scapegoats of the peaceful. Perhaps in the coming election, but certainly soon after, these alterations will yield a change in our political debate.”29

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