Investigating the Gun Lobby

450px-NRA_Virginia_HQThe National Rifle Association is deeply connected to its “corporate partners” in the firearms industry — in its finances, its leadership, and its political advocacy.

VPC research has found that the NRA receives tens of millions of dollars from companies that manufacture or sell arms, ammunition, and related products. Gun industry CEOs sit on the NRA board and are deeply entwined in its fundraising and organizational activities. Virtually all the NRA’s activities are carried out in pursuit of a single goal: Helping the firearms industry sell more guns.

The VPC publishes groundbreaking research that reveals the depth of the association between the gun industry and the NRA. Blood Money, a VPC report now in its second edition, documents financial contributions from the gun industry to the NRA, including through the organization’s “Ring of Freedom” corporate giving program. The VPC also provides information on the history of the NRA, the NRA’s annual meetings, and the NRA’s marketing efforts to children and youth, including its “Eddie Eagle” program.

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