Nearly Eleven Murder-Suicides Occur Across America Each Week, Claiming More Than 1,200 Lives Annually, New VPC Study Finds

More than 1,200 people died in murder-suicides in America in 2019 and 89 percent of the killers used a gun, according to a comprehensive new study by the VPC. The study’s release comes as concerns grow across the nation about the possibility of murder-suicides related to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders. More>>

Missouri Ranked #1 for Black Homicide Victimization

For the fourth year in a row, Missouri has the highest black homicide victimization rate in the nation with a rate of 57.30 per 100,000 — nearly triple the national black homicide victimization rate and 11 times the overall homicide rate nationwide — according to a new analysis by the VPC. More>>

As COVID-19 Fears Increase Gun Sales, New VPC Study Reveals How Rarely Guns are Used in Self Defense

For every time a gun is used to justifiably kill a criminal, guns claim 35 lives in criminal homicides alone according to Firearm Justifiable Homicides and Non-Fatal Self-Defense Gun Use, a just-released study from the VPC. This most recent edition of the VPC study comes amidst reports of increased gun sales due to COVID-19 fears. More>>