Manufacturer of AR-15 Assault Rifles Designed for Children Returns with New Sales Campaign

Roughly one year after provoking outrage and condemnation nationwide after it was revealed by the VPC that gun manufacturer WEE1 Tactical was launching sales of the “JR-15” – a semiautomatic AR-15 assault rifle designed specifically for children – the company has now begun a new marketing campaign for the gun. More>>

States with Strong Gun Laws and Lower Gun Ownership Have Lowest Gun Death Rates in the Nation, New Data for 2021 Confirms

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that states with the lowest rates of overall gun death in the nation are those with strong gun violence prevention laws and low rates of gun ownership according to a new Violence Policy Center (VPC) analysis. More>>

Mass Shootings in the United States Involving Large Capacity Ammunition Magazines

This publication offers examples of mass shootings since 1980 in which large capacity ammunition magazines are known to have been used. The list includes available information on the casualties, firearms, and large capacity ammunition magazines in each of the mass shootings. More>>