States with Lower Gun Ownership and Stronger Gun Laws Have Lowest Suicide Rates

States with lower rates of gun ownership and stronger gun violence prevention laws have the lowest overall suicide rates in the nation according to a new VPC analysis of 2020 data. Conversely, states with the highest suicide rates have higher gun ownership rates and weaker gun violence prevention laws. More>>

Mass Shootings in the United States Involving Large Capacity Ammunition Magazines

This publication offers examples of mass shootings since 1980 in which large capacity ammunition magazines are known to have been used. The list includes available information on the casualties, firearms, and large capacity ammunition magazines in each of the mass shootings. More>>

Support the Violence Policy Center on Giving Tuesday

The Violence Policy Center is at the forefront of the movement to stop gun death and injury. In 2023, our work will be more important than ever. Your Giving Tuesday gift will support our original research, aid us in holding the gun industry accountable, and help us advocate for a safer America. More>>