When Men Murder Women

When Men Murder Women is an annual study released by the VPC for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. State by state, the study details the circumstances of all reported homicides of women by men in single-victim/single-offender incidents. The study also ranks the states based on their rate of females killed by males. This research is used by state and local advocates to educate the public and policymakers on the realities of domestic violence and promote effective solutions to protect women and children from abusers.

When Men Murder Women: An Analysis of 2020 Homicide Data

Table of Contents


Section One: National Data

Spotlight on Alaska

Section Two: Black Females

Section Three: Laws that Help Protect Women from Abusers


Appendix One: Number of Females Murdered by Males in Single Victim/Single Offender Homicides and Rates by State, 2020

Appendix Two: Additional Information for the 10 States with the Highest Rates of Females Murdered by Males

North Dakota
South Dakota
United States

Understanding the Statistics

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