Concealing the Risk
Real-World Effects of Lax Concealed Weapons Laws
Section Two: Crimes Committed Before Licensure
Non-Violent Crimes

Name of License Holder Crime(s) Committed
Ribhi H. Ahmad Convicted of a felony–possession of food coupons
Frank Anzalone Adjudication withheld–fraudulent use of a credit card and larceny grand theft
Robert G. Bailey Convicted of felonies–breaking and entering with intent to steal, breaking and entering and larceny
Reese J. Furlow Convicted of a felony–forging U.S. Treasury checks
Raymond F. Hill Convicted of a felony–burglary
Michael J. Iglesias Adjudication withheld–second degree grand theft
James D. Jackson Convicted of a felony–interstate transportation of a stolen motor vehicle
Howard A. Kleinatland Convicted of felonies–breaking and entering and committing larceny
Frank J. Marrone Convicted of a felony–use of mail schemes to defraud
Roy F. McIntyre Convicted of a felony–forgery
Jack J. Miller Convicted of a felony–disposing of stolen property
William D. Paedae Convicted of a felony–buying, receiving and aiding in the concealment of stolen property
Arthur Wise Convicted of a felony–making false statements and representations of fact in documents required by the Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act

Robert G. Bailey
Breaking and Entering With Intent to Steal, Breaking and Entering and Larceny
Robert G. Bailey was issued a concealed weapons license in January 1995. Yet in June 1966 Bailey had been convicted of two felonies: breaking and entering with intent to steal as well as breaking and entering and larceny. He was sentenced to two years in the County Workhouse, an additional two years probation, and was ordered to pay a $300 fine. In addition, in 1978 Bailey was charged with aggravated battery, culpable negligence, discharging a firearm in public, and improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon. He pled guilty to the misdemeanor charge of culpable negligence and was sentenced to one year probation. Other charges in Bailey’s past included: burglary in December 1965; and, breaking, entering and larceny, assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault and battery, and carrying a concealed weapon in January 1966. Bailey’s license was revoked in August 1995 seven months after he first obtained it.

Michael J. Iglesias
2nd Degree Grand Theft
Michael J. Iglesias was issued a concealed weapons license in March 1995. Seven months earlier, in August 1994, Iglesias had been charged with second degree grand theft for collecting $36,000 under the guise of a licensed contractor to repair a house damaged by Hurricane Andrew. Rather than repair the house, Iglesias caused more than $19,000 in additional damage. In April 1995 Iglesias had adjudication withheld on a charge of second degree grand theft, was placed on three years probation, and ordered to pay $10,050 in restitution. His license was revoked in March 1996. Under Florida law Iglesias will be eligible to legally reapply for a license in 2001.


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