Concealing the Risk
Real-World Effects of Lax Concealed Weapons Laws
Section Two: Crimes Committed Before Licensure
Non-Firearm Crimes of Violence

Name of License Holder Crime(s) Committed
Hyman Koran Convicted of a felony–first degree arson
Timothy J. Leary Convicted of a felony–criminal sexual conduct
David E. Metzger Convicted of a felony–burglary
Alvin J. Schmidt Convicted of felonies–larceny and breaking and entering with the intent to commit larceny.

Timothy J. Leary
Criminal Sexual Conduct
Timothy J. Leary was issued a concealed weapons license in December 1994. Yet in December 1976 Leary had been charged with false imprisonment, two counts of sodomy upon or with a child, third degree criminal sexual conduct, and first degree criminal sexual conduct. Leary was convicted that same month of third degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony, and sentenced to 10 years probation. Leary’s record also notes that he was arrested in January 1987 for possession of marijuana, but the case was later dismissed. Leary’s license was revoked in March 1996 after he had possessed it for one year and three months.

Alvin J. Schmidt
Larceny and Breaking and Entering With the Intent to Commit Larceny
Alvin J. Schmidt also known by the aliases Allin Jerry Cornelius and Allin Jerry Schmidt was issued a concealed weapons license in August 1994. Yet in March 1975 Schmidt had been found guilty of two felonies: breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny, and larceny. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail as well as an additional three years in the division of correction. According to hearing documents, Schmidt was also charged with reckless driving in October 1970. He had adjudication withheld on a charge of shoplifting in May 1972 and was sentenced to two and a half years probation. In December 1973 Schmidt was charged with unlawful punishment of a child and two counts of lewd and lascivious assault on a female child. Adjudication was withheld on the lesser offense of causing a minor under 18 to become a delinquent child. He was found guilty of unlawfully punishing a child and was sentenced to three years probation. In a handwritten note dated February 21, 1995, Schmidt accused a detective in the local sheriff’s department of having “made up this story” because the detective was plotting to take possession of Schmidt’s .40 Glock pistol because it is “a favored firearm of the FBI.” Schmidt went on to say that “[h]e also has gone so far as to tell my mother that I was a child molester….He had ask [sic] her for a receipt for the gun and a [concealed weapons] license…he refused to return them.” Schmidt also claimed to have served in the US Marine Corps from 1968 to 1972 and to have received special training in Jungle Operations Training and flamethrower training. Additionally, he occasionally follows his name with Ph.D. or Dr. S.E., even though according to his military record the highest degree he has is a G.E.D. Schmidt’s license was revoked in October 1995 one year and two months after he first received it.


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