Concealing the Risk
Real-World Effects of Lax Concealed Weapons Laws
Section Two: Crimes Committed Before Licensure
Drug-Related Crimes

Name of License Holder Crime(s) Committed
Steven M. Brown Adjudication withheld on a felony–possession of a controlled substance
Kenneth M. DeMarco Convicted of a felony–using a telephone to facilitate a drug conspiracy
Timothy E. Logan Convicted of a felony–possession of a controlled substance (Heroin)
Lance W. Willey Convicted of a felony–sale of a hallucinogenic drug

Kenneth M. DeMarco
Using a Telephone to Facilitate a Drug Conspiracy
Kenneth DeMarco was issued a concealed weapons license in January 1995. Yet in September 1982, under the alias Kenneth Lukowiak, DeMarco had been arrested for conspiracy to sell, as well as possession and distribution of, narcotics. Two years and five months later he was found guilty of using a telephone to facilitate a drug conspiracy, a felony, and sentenced to three years probation. DeMarco denied being convicted of a felony on his license application. In a March 1996 letter to the Division of Licensing, DeMarco stated that he had applied for clemency with the Governor’s office. According to his file, DeMarco was also arrested for theft in June 1980; four counts of theft, two counts of fraud, and two counts of burglary in September 1980; attempted burglary in June 1981; aggravated assault and unlawful use of a weapon in March 1984; and reckless homicide in March 1985. According to DeMarco’s letter, all the charges for his previous arrests were later dropped, although the public hearing records did not indicate any final disposition. A letter from a detective in the police department of the township of Fairfield, New Jersey stated, “Anything else you need in an attempt to stop DeMarco/Lukowiak from getting a carry permit or any handgun permit, please let us know.” DeMarco’s license was revoked in May 1996.

Timothy E. Logan
Possession of a Controlled Substance (Heroin)
Timothy E. Logan was issued a concealed weapons license in May 1995. In February 1984 Logan was convicted of possession of heroin in Virginia and was sentenced to one year in jail, an additional 18 months probation, and attendance at a mental health or drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. According to hearing documents, Logan had also been convicted of: being drunk in public in July 1976, September 1976, and November 1987; disorderly conduct in June 1977; concealed merchandise in March 1978; and, destroying property in July 1988. In a letter addressed to the Florida Division of Licensing, Logan admitted to the additional convictions of: DWI-Alcohol in March 1978, October 1980, and December 1981; and, refusal of a blood test in October 1988. Logan’s concealed weapons license was revoked in October 1995.


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