Violence Policy Center Backgrounder on Sig Sauer MCX Assault Rifle Used in the Orlando Mass Shooting

For Release: Thursday, June 16, 2016

Washington, DC–The Violence Policy Center (VPC) today released a new 13- page report on the Sig Sauer MCX assault rifle used in the mass shooting in Orlando on Sunday.

Understanding the Sig Sauer MCX Assault Rifle Used in the Orlando Mass Shooting ( contains images and text regarding the weapon from 2015 and 2016 Sig Sauer catalogs, quotes from reviews of the rifle, as well as a primer detailing the origins of semiautomatic assault weapons and the characteristics that distinguish the MCX and similar firearms from sporting firearms.

As is common with most assault weapon manufacturers, Sig Sauer catalog copy for the MCX features military imagery and language.  In its 2015 catalog, Sig Sauer boasts of the company’s “battle-tested experience” and urges readers to “Experience the Evolution,” stating:  “Designed and built in New Hampshire.  Ready to perform anywhere.  SIG SAUER combines industry-leading innovation with battle-tested experience to engineer the world’s toughest, most devastatingly accurate pistols and rifles.”

The report also notes that Sig Sauer is a corporate financial donor to the National Rifle Association and the sponsor of the NRA online series Defending Our America, described as “a raw look into what it takes to truly protect the American people—giving a voice to those who defend our borders, our cities and our values.”

According to its 2016 catalog, Sig Sauer also offers “Armed Professional Purchase Programs” for “those who put their lives on the line for the safety and the freedom of others.”  The program offers “special discounts on SIG SAUER firearms and accessories.” Among those who qualify are “state licensed armed security officers and licensed security companies.”  Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was reported to have had a security officer license in Florida.

The VPC report details how the “MCX is a classic assault rifle and incorporates many of the characteristics that make this category of firearm so lethal and distinguish it from sporting rifles.  The MCX uses detachable ammunition magazines and comes equipped with a 30-round magazine like those used in the Orlando mass shooting.  The MCX is also designed with:  a pistol grip; a folding, collapsible, or telescoping stock; and, a handguard.  These characteristics enhance the gun’s lethality by making it easier to shoot, reload, and maneuver in closed spaces such as a dark nightclub.”




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