Violence Policy Center (VPC) Statement on Senate Passage of Gun Liability Bill

Legislation Built on Corrupt Foundation of Lies Says VPC

WASHINGTON, DC – Following today’s passage of legislation (S. 397) shielding the gun industry from certain types of civil liability, Violence Policy Center Legislative Director Kristen Rand released the following statement:

“This bill is built on a corrupt foundation of lies that will leave a legacy of pain and suffering. Proponents claimed that the bill was necessary to protect our armed forces from having to buy their guns from foreign manufacturers – but the bulk of U.S. military and law enforcement sidearms already come from foreign gunmakers. They claimed that the gun industry is the most heavily regulated industry in America when, in fact, they are one of only two industries exempt from federal health and safety regulation. They claimed that it’s an industry in distress, yet their own financial documents prove otherwise. Today’s vote is a go-ahead by the U.S. Senate for a reckless, cynical, unregulated industry to sell their increasingly lethal products at tremendous cost to the general public.”

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