Fact Sheet on the Los Angeles International Airport Shooting and Statistics on Firearms Violence in California

Date: July 4, 2002
Location: El Al Airlines ticket counter in Los Angeles International Airport
Alleged Shooter: Heshem Mohamed Ali Hadayet
People Killed: 3 (shooter killed by El Al security)
People Injured: Four
Firearm(s): 45 caliber Glock pistol, 9 mm pistol


On July 4, Heshem Mohamed Ali Hadayet walked into the international terminal of Los Angeles International Airport armed with a .45 Glock pistol, a 9 mm pistol, extra ammunition, and a six-inch hunting knife, approached the El Al ticket counter and began to fire. When Hadayet began shooting, an El Al security guard grabbed him and began to wrestle with him. Another El Al security guard stepped from behind the ticket counter and shot Hadayet. Hadayet managed to kill two and wound four others before being killed.

How Firearm(s) Acquired
According to the New York Times, Hadayet purchased his guns legally.

Statistics on Firearms Violence in California

Mortality Rate per 100,000 Number of People Killed State Rank by Rate
1998 Firearm Homicide 4.95 1,618 10th
1998 Handgun Homicide 4.44 1,451 6th
1998 Firearm Suicide 5.21 1,702 36th
1998 Firearm Unintentional 0.16 52 40th
  • 69.5% of all homicides were committed with a firearm.
  • 89.7% of firearm homicides were committed with a handgun.
  • 62.3% of all homicides were committed with a handgun.




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