New Violence Policy Center Report Details 50 Proposals for State Action to Reduce Gun Violence

For Release: Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Federal Logjam in New Congress Will Increase Importance of State-Based Action

Washington, DC — Today, the Violence Policy Center (VPC) released 50 State Actions to Reduce Gun Violence, a 21-page report detailing a wide range of policy proposals that can be enacted on the state level to reduce gun death and injury.

Recognizing the difficult fights ahead on Capitol Hill in the upcoming Congress, the study states, “State legislators, law enforcement leaders, and state attorneys general must take the lead to find the pathway that most effectively protects their residents in collaboration with concerned communities.”

The report presents its policy proposals in seven sections:

1. Regulating Access to Firearms
2. Enhancements to Firearm Regulation
3. Regulating Specific Types of Non-Sporting Firearms and Ammunition
4. Protections Against Suicides and/or Unintentional Shootings
5. Enhancements to Firearm Product Safety
6. Improving Public Understanding of Gun Violence
7. Victim Protections

Study author Gary Klein, a VPC Research Fellow and longtime advocate and litigator, states, “States with comprehensive and effective gun laws have fewer incidents of firearm homicides, firearm suicides, and unintentional shooting deaths. These 50 proposals for state action have demonstrated success where enacted. As the number of Americans who recognize that we are in a gun crisis continues to grow, state leadership in implementing proven and effective solutions that reduce firearm death and injury is essential.” Klein was responsible for gun safety and gun violence prevention projects at the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General. He also publishes the blog “Shattered — The Gun Accident Journal” at


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