Comments of Ashcroft Background Check Proposal

Comments of

Violence Policy Center
Legal Community Against Violence
Physicians for Social Responsibility


Regulations Proposed by

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice

Regarding Changes to Regulations Implementing

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System

(28 CFR Part 25)

September 4, 2001


Proposal #1: Prompt Destruction of Records of Allowed Transactions (25.9(b)(1),(2) and (3))

Proposal #2: Individual FFL Audit Logs (25.9(b)(4))

Proposal #3: New Definition of “Unresolved” Transaction (25.2)

Proposal #4: Require POC States To Transmit State Determinations to the NICS System (25.6(h))

Proposal #5: Voluntary Appeals File (25.10(g))


The following attachments are available from the Violence Policy Center:

Attachment 1: Editorials and Op-Eds in Opposition to Proposed Rule

Attachment 2: Brief of U.S. Solicitor General in Opposition to Petition for a Writ of Certiorari in National Rifle Association v. Ashcroft

Attachment 3: NICS Records Retention Options Matrix

Attachment 4: S. 1253 Gun Slae Anti-Fraud and Privacy Protection Act

Attachment 5: Amended Complaint in Violence Policy Center v. Ashcroft

Attachment 6: News Articles Cited in Footnotes 19 Through 21