States with Weak Gun Laws and Higher Gun Ownership Have Highest Gun Death Rates in the Nation, New Data for 2022 Confirm

New federal data from the CDC show that states with the highest rates of overall gun death in the nation are those with weak gun violence prevention laws and high rates of gun ownership according to a new VPC analysis. In contrast, the five states with the lowest overall gun death rates have stronger gun violence prevention laws and lower rates of gun ownership. More>>

Violence Policy Center Launches New Online Resource on the Firearms Industry

The VPC launched a new online resource center for its ongoing Campaign for Gun Industry Accountability. As the welcome page to the new website states, “Guns are the only consumer product manufactured in the United States that are not subject to federal health and safety regulation. This unique exemption has allowed the firearms industry to innovate for lethality, rather than safety.” More>>

Most Murder-Suicide Victims are Women Shot and Killed by Their Male Intimate Partners

The majority of murder-suicide victims are women shot and killed by their male intimate partner, according to the latest edition of American Roulette: Murder-Suicide in the United States. The study was released by the Violence Policy Center (VPC) for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. More>>