Missouri Ranked #1 For Black Homicide Victimization

Missouri has the highest Black homicide victimization rate in the nation with a rate of 50.98 per 100,000—more than twice the national Black homicide victimization rate and eight and a half times the overall homicide rate nationwide—according to a new analysis by the VPC. More>>

Manufacturer of AR-15 Assault Rifles Designed for Children Returns with New Sales Campaign

Roughly one year after provoking outrage and condemnation nationwide after it was revealed by the VPC that gun manufacturer WEE1 Tactical was launching sales of the “JR-15” – a semiautomatic AR-15 assault rifle designed specifically for children – the company has now begun a new marketing campaign for the gun. More>>

Guns Rarely Used to Kill Criminals or Stop Crimes, New VPC Report Shows

Every time a gun is used by a private citizen to justifiably kill a criminal, guns claim 30 lives in criminal homicides alone, according to Firearm Justifiable Homicides and Non-Fatal Self-Defense Gun Use, a just-released study from the VPC. This most recent edition of the VPC study comes as the gun industry has expanded its marketing efforts promoting guns for self-defense, including targeting communities of color. More>>