Violence Policy Center Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Uphold New York’s Concealed Handgun Law to Safeguard Public Safety

In an amicus brief drawn largely from its ongoing Concealed Carry Killers project, the VPC argues that the statute prevents lethal gun violence by concealed handgun permit holders, including mass shootings and the killing of law-enforcement personnel. More>>

Gun Industry Targets Asian Americans as First-Time Gun Owners and Future Pro-Gun Advocates, New Violence Policy Center Study Reveals

Exploiting the increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, the gun industry is targeting the Asian American community as potential new gun buyers and future pro-gun advocates, according to a new study from the VPC. More>>

States with Lower Gun Ownership and Stronger Gun Laws Have Lowest Suicide Rates

States with lower rates of gun ownership and stronger gun violence prevention laws have the lowest overall suicide rates in the nation according to a new VPC analysis released for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month of 2019 federal data (the most recent year available). Conversely, states with the highest suicide rates have higher gun ownership rates and weaker gun violence prevention laws. More>>